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More time to run your business and enjoy a glass of wine, too.

Are you tired of feeling that your website is missing something?

That online marketing is complicated?

That there aren’t enough hours in a day to do it all even IF you understood how it all worked.

You have a passion for wine. You love the land and being able to nuture what you plant. You have a vision. You’ve taken your winery from a start-up to a full-fledged vineyard or winery. Now you’re ready to grow it to the next level.

Wondering? How can I  use my website to drive visits to our winery, generate more revenue in our restaurants and tasting room and shop?  What can I do to increase wine sales online?

Increase visitation by capturing the tourism market

I remember when …
Years ago one of our clients ran a famous snack bar on the beach. It closed at 5 o’clock.

Realizing its potential, it was converted to a restaurant. Their most valuable assets – the stretch of beach between them and the Gulf of Mexico, favorable weather and amazing sunsets. As wine operators, we think you can relate … land, perfect growing conditions and bumper crops.

Some place special …
We knew it wasn’t going to be just a restaurant amid a sea of many others. This is a special place. The customer experience is a key factor in every decision – expanding the menu and adding a deck for dining, music and sunset watching, full bar service and  a group events room. We’ve been with them every step of the way.

Our goal remains:  to grow the business while retaining its original charm and character, to put them on the tourism map and ease the valleys.

It’s All About the Experience
We did this by telling their story because “it’s all about the experience”. We wanted everyone to know why customers return … have a connection or a memory. It’s not marketed as a restaurant but rather a landmark attraction. As part of their marketing team, our job is to grow the next generation of customers and invite them to discover this special place.

Over the years, we’ve heard it all and we’d like to
set the record straight

TIME - I know my website could use help but I just don’t have time to figure it out.

Your job is running your business. Figuring out why you website isn’t working is why we go through a discovery process with you. We need to make sure we create a website that addresses your needs and generates you revenue.

TECHNOLOGY - I just don’t understand all this digital stuff.

To be truthful, I don’t understand the intricacies of making wine, but we do like to enjoy a glass or two. To know more, I engage experts who do. We understand digital marketing, tourism and business. We’re here to guide you through the technology piece. To show you how it all interconnects and the role each has with the other.

ENGAGEMENT - Sure I’d love to connect more with my customers but I also need to run a winery.

What’s the best use of your time? Managing your vineyard or wine operation – or trying to figure out what the latest tech tools are avaialble?  It’s about knowing what’s the best use of your time and who to partner with to do your digital marketing. Do what you do best.

Gain greater exposure and garner high profits for your winery

  • To attract more quality wine-loving customers, we first need to generate targeted leads to your website. Then your website’s work begins to convert them to wine-loving customers.
  • Our effective, uncomplicated websites are designed to be sales tools and generate revenue.
  • So that you can focus your energy on running your business and have time later for a glass of wine, our digital maketing packages help grow your business beyond your backyard.

What makes Savvy Rooster unique

  • We specialize in promoting the winery experience.
  • We know the tourism industry inside and and out and how to reach the visitor market.
  • Our expertise in organizing, promoting and managing festivals and events can help grow your business.
  • We provide more than just a website; we serve as our client’s marketing partner offering a broad depth and range of expertise in all aspects of marketing.
  • We’ve been marketing our tourism clients and promoting travel and destinations since the 1980s.

Uncork the experience


Your website should be an extension of your experience. It should be engaging and convert a visitor into a customer and provide you a way to stay in touch.


You’ve captured their email addresses. Now let’s engage them and invite them to return or introduce them to a new wine. Help them share the news on social media, too.


Let your company’s personality or identity shine through everywhere. Speak directly to your target audience and they'll respond. Watch leads turn into customers and sales.


We’ll show you how easy it is to connect with your customers and potential customers. Grow followers and build engagement.


People spend less time reading every day. We can create strong, compelling photography that sets you apart from the competition. Great impactful photography sells.


One of the most engaging sales tools is a video. They capture experiences, processes and provide connections. We can help - add or edit music, clips, logos and contact info.

Our process is quite simple

Get acquainted

If you’re interested, we’ll schedule a strategy call.

Prior to this meeting, we’ll put together a report that analyzes your current online presence and determine what’s working on your website and what’s not. With the information and question, we usually have more homework after we talk.


The next meeting – it can be face-to-face in person or online – is the start of a discovery process. We’re trying to find out what your true needs are and other information let’s us hone in how we can help you.

  • First we need to understand your specific winery.
  • Then we’ll take a look at your current customers and/or your desired customers.
  • Next, we want to learn about the competition.
  • Once all this information is gathered, we’ll put together a rough idea of strategies and tactics and review it with you.


The next meeting we’ll review your needs, customers and competition, the ROI goal and what can we do to get you more customers.  We’ll suggest strategies and tactics and discuss what we believe we can accomplish. We’ll then answer any questions you may have.


We’ll then finalize our solution and present our proposal. If we need to address any other questions, we’ll set up another meeting.

About us

At Savvy Rooster we enjoy all aspects of tourism marketing. We spend our days promoting all different sides of the industry. Then on nights and weekends we experience it like everyone else. It’s a pretty great life and we’re fortunate to work in our chosen field.

We’ve had some pretty wonderful clients over the year. We feel blessed to have been able to use our creative talents to help them. Along the way, they’ve trusted us to be part of their marketing team. Some we consider not only clients but friends. 

As an added value, one of our principals has written two books on how to  to organize, promote and manage successful events and festivals.

Meet our Principals:  Lynn Fuhler | Steve Frazier

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