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How we work

We have a single focus – marketing wineries to visitors. By capturing the visitor market, we can drive more traffic to your winery. Visitors + wine sales = profits.

We aren’t a generalist agency. We specialize in one thing – enticing visitors to travel to destinations, places and attractions. That’s all that we do. We’re passionate about driving visitors to an experience. Now more than ever, visitors seek experiences.

Because we know the travel and tourism industry inside and out, we speak the language. We know how all the pieces fit together because we’ve worked with all aspects of the industry – accommodations, transportation, tour groups, motorcoaches, meeting groups, wedding parties, state and local tourism agencies and on and on. Simply stated, we’re the tourism experts.

We have a laid back but professional approach to how we conduct business. We understand the subtle nuances of the different visitor markets, like high season and low season. We also know when you’re busy, you’re really busy and you’ll need an extra pair of hands but when things get quiet … that’s when you’ll have time. We’re available year-round.


We design experience-based websites that can grow with your winery business. We can also incorporate:

  • Online bookings for tours
  • Online reservations for your restaurant
  • An online calendar of events
  • Online festival and event ticketing
  • An online store and e-gift cards


Your brand identify should:

  • Speak to your target audience
  • Convey the personality of your winery
  • Feature a cohesive look and feel
  • Incorporate dynamic, compelling, good quality photos and videos
  • Resonate with your target audience
  • Drive wine sales

email marketing

Get connected and stay connected with your customers. Let us help:

  • Build-in ways to promote email sign-ups
  • Design email templates that match your website and winery’s personality
  • Develop a schedule including topics
  • Manage the process for you – from writing copy to clicking “send”

social media

If you find social media to be a necessary evil, sign up for our free monthly emails. We’ll give you everything needed to:

  • Save time
  • Maintain a consistent presence
  • Grow followers and likes
  • Share and connect on social media
  • Improve your social authority and wine expert status

festival & events

We understand events – how to ask the right questions before registering and helping you organize your own event. We can:

  • Create websites with event calendars, ticketing and registration
  • Automate key processes to save you time
  • Provide how-to eBooks and checklists
  • Help with sponsorship packages, booking talent, promotion, etc.

photography & video

The difference between a good website and a great one is dynamic photography and video. We bring considerable depth of knowledge in photography, retouching skills and video post-production. We can help you:

  • Discover the secrets to shooting photos and video
  • Transform so-so photos into WOW images
  • Turn videos into sales tools

Our Approach

Here’s what you’ll experience when Savvy Rooster develops your new website.


That’s the fancy word for the date we set to begin your project.

Weekly video calls​

We’ll set a same day/time call each week to review milestones, successes, assignments and to ask and answer questions.

Project management system​

We keep our website projects in one place and give you access so we can communicate and share. Watch as we check off each piece once completed.


Our creative team develops ideas as to how your website will look and feel. We present them to you to confirm we’ve captured your winery’s personality. The ultimate goal is for your website to appeal to your intended guests.


Using the information from discovery, we propose your website’s architecture – what goes where and how it fits together. It’s easier and less expensive to relocate a kitchen before the plumbing and electricity are installed. Websites work the same way.

Design and layout​

With the architecture and moodboard approved, photos and videos in our hands and answers relevant to website copy, we’ll start designing your website.


We’ll do our research, gather information from you and then craft enticing copy to showcase your winery’s experience. Our ultimate goal will be to tease website users to visit.

Photography and video

If you don’t have photography in hand, allow us to select from any of a number of stock photos in our image library. We can also handle photo retouching and put together videos that sell the experience. Our videos on how-to take photos like a pro are in production and will soon be available to assist you.

Website development​

Once you’ve signed off on the design and/or layout, we’ll move forward with building your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We’ll optimize the site to improve its visibility and make sure – if you already have a website – that it doesn’t loose any existing SEO.

Mobile friendly

We build responsive design websites and we run your new site through its paces to make sure it displays properly on various size devices.

Quality assurance

We’re near the end but we still have more work to do to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Mission accomplished​

Once the website is completed, we can turn it over to you to maintain content or we can handle it for you. Learn more on about our TLC care and maintenance packages.

TLC care and maintenance packages

Because of how quickly website technology changes, the vast majority of our clients take advantage of our TLC care and maintenance packages. They love knowing that they can use the time for website updates, tech questions or for marketing or festival/event questions.

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