Wine Events & Festivals Focused on Drawing Traffic to Your Winery

Maximize Your Involvement in Wine Events & Festivals

Events and festivals

Looking to participate in a festival? Learn the questions to ask before, during and after. Organizing your own event? We can show you how:

  • Sponsorships packages and communication
  • What to look for when booking talent
  • Details, details, details – trash to security to parking
  • Event coordination and more

Automate your events

At Savvy Rooster, we know your time is valuable and that events are time intensive. We can help automate processes to minimize touch time, phone calls and emails.

  • Email marketing
  • Online ticketing and merchandise sales
  • Online calendar of events and activities
  • Volunteer registration

A Festival & Event Management Expert, Author and Speaker

Lynn Fuhler, a principal with Savvy Rooster, is also the author of

Secrets to Successful Events:
How to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and Festivals

Secrets to Successful Events Resource Guide:
42+ Easy-to-Use Forms and Tools to Save You Time and Money.

She’s walked in your shoes and happy to share the insights she’s discovered. To learn more about Lynn and her books, click here.  Both are available on Amazon, Kindle and at major booksellers.

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